The Story . . .


“I will never be able to forgive him for what he’s done to you.” Nivren shook his head pityingly. “All of it . . . Not just the punishment. The years of your life that have been wasted by indignity.”

But Eli only shrugged. “He never knew. Nobody did.”


Eli has never known anything besides self-hatred and scorn. The shame of being born out of wedlock follows him around like a disgusting stench that he can’t shake off. His only wish is to escape from it. To find a future for himself.

But the lad’s caretakers are insistent upon getting rid of him, which would be all fine and well for him, if they didn’t plan on sending him to the military. It’s not as if he had a choice in the matter anyway; life is limited for those who are born illegitimate.

Nivren is a prince, set on avoiding the crown that is destined for him someday. He does not want the responsibility, the weight of ruling an entire country. But he would still be willing to do his duty had it not been for his uncle, the King’s insistence on him marrying the foreign Princess of Kuñora to unite the nations

The young prince runs away from home, furious with his uncle for attempting to control him so, to join the troops, where he feels he can be of some use to somebody, and live with a certain amount of freedom.

Meanwhile, a plot to usurp the throne is underway, and Nivren begins to fear for his life as well as his freedom. But there is another mystery that fills the courts . . .

The land of Kindor will be stained red, and there is little that can tame the onslaught of violence. It seems that the Kingdoms within will fall apart . . .

3 thoughts on “The Story . . .

  1. I’m so impressed with Sabrina’s mastery of building the novel. Thus far she has developed a solid plot, moved it forward smoothly with excellently fleshed out characters, both Eli and Nivren, and her secondary cast.

  2. Ah. Guess it doesn’t take much to guess who this is from, eh? How many Niamh’s do you know!
    So…I don’t know if I’ve come across this website or not but I felt the need to leave a comment, as always, I love this book. The characters and hopefully you’ve got a story line and plot you love now! You’re an impressive writer and just so freakin’ adorable (had to do it!) and enjoy the random comment!

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